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Catalogue of technical drawings GAZ-AA  

Catalogue of technical drawings of engine GAZ-MM 

 Catalogue of drawings GAZ-410 dump truck

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For an extensive family of the GAZ-AA type trucks, there are drawings only for the basic version of 1938-1940 and on the GAZ-MM model of 1947. There are also drawings for the construction of an army modification GAZ-99 with a universal body and with an army version with wings for a spare tire. Documentation for the simplified model NAZ-AA (1932 series) and wartime GAZ-MM (1942-1943) models is not available in the archive.

There are drawings based on the chassis of the GAZ-AA truck: GAZ-410 dump truck (complete set), GAZ-42 gas generating truck (complete set), GAZ-44 gas-cylinder truck (complete set), GAZ-60 half-track all-terrain vehicle (complete set).

GAZ-AA drawing 
GAZ-AA cab drawing