Drawing Types

 1) General views Drawings. It is a large format drawings A1 and more which schematically shows General views of the vehicle or its chassis/body.


2) Assembly (prefix - СК) These drawings contain the numbers of the smaller parts that are included in the part Assembly. As a rule, they do not have dimensions, or they have dimensions between the parts of the node.

3) Detailed (prefix - №chassis/body model). Basic drawing type with dimensions for any indivisible part. On one and the same detail can be drawings on rough preparation and on a detail in the processed state.


4) Mounting (prefix "MT"). Auxiliary drawings for installation or Assembly of complex units or systems. The bar was rarely.

5) Welding. Auxiliary drawings which indicate the location or method of welding parts in the node.

6) Inventory. (prefix "ВК" or model name); In these drawings there are no graphic images, but only a list of parts of a particular node. 

7) Fastener (prefix "H" or empty prefix). This group includes simple and common elements - bolts, nuts, springs, wire, etc. As a rule, they were drawn by separate General tables, except for unique normals. 

Information about the material from which the part is made is shown only in detailed drawings.  Drawings are sized from A5 to A0+.