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 Catalogue of parts BA-64B

The BA-64 and BA-64B armored vehicles have a complete set of drawings (approx. 2000 units). All drawings of the body and equipment of the BA-64 are posted at our shop. There are no drawings on the BA-64 variants.

  • BA-64 is a light armored car of the first generation with a narrow track
  • BA-64B is a light armored car of the second generation with a wide track
  • BA-64B is an experimental armored car with rollers from BA-20Zh for traveling on a railway track. Made at the Vyksa factory
  • BA-64G is an armored car with rollers for moving along the railway track, prototypes were made on GAS, re-equipment was later carried out at the Moscow Car Repair Plant.
  • DBA-64 is a prototype of a 5-seater amphibious vehicle with a DT machine gun.
  • BA-64D is a prototype of a 5-seater amphibious vehicle with a DShK machine gun.
  • BA-64Zh is a prototype with a Nejdanovsky tracked propulsion system instead of wheels.
  • BASh is an experienced passenger staff car with a door in the rear of the hull.

Light four-wheel drive armored vehicle, carrier of weapons and communications (for parts of cars). It was mass-produced during the Great Patriotic War in the USSR at the Gorky Automobile Plant on the chassis of the GAZ-64/GAZ-67B passenger car. The BA-64B became the last representative of the class of armored cars produced in the USSR, as well as the only all-wheel drive in history.