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The archive contains an almost complete set of drawings for cars variant-400 and Moskvitch-401 with a sedan body, as well as documentation for it versions (cabriole, van and other). The volume of the fund is 2498 units.

чертеж Москвич-400Чертеж москвич кабриолет

Series variants:

  • MZMA-400-420 "Moskvitch" - The base sedan, 110661 u.  
  • MZMA-400-420 "Moskvitch" - The upgraded sedan with 25-power engine, 96363 u.  
  • MZMA-400Б/401B "Moskvitch" - The disabled version, manually operated
  • MZMA-400-420М "Moskvitch" - The version for a medical clinics, ~ 5000 u.  
  • MZMA-400U/401U "Moskvitch" - The versions for countries with the tropical climate.
  • MZMA-400-420К - The chassis for the vans, 2841 u. 

The first Soviet passenger car for individual use of a small class. Moskvich-400 was a copy of the pre-war Opel Cadett K38. Produced in 1947-1956. On the basis of the machine, modifications for various purposes were created. In 1954-1956, a modernized Moskvich-401 sedan was produced with a modernized 26-horsepower engine.