GAZ M-20 Pobeda (Victory)

GAZ M-20 Pobeda (Victory)

We have almost a complete set of engineering drawings of the post-war GAZ M-20 "Pobeda" model and its modifications "cabriolet"and " taxi".

GAZ M-20 Pobeda drawing

Read a complate review of the variants of the "Pobeda" car and their differences in our blog.

Factory versions:

  • M-20 "Pobeda" ‒ the car with the sedan body (fastback) (1946-1954)
  • M-20A "Pobeda" ‒  the taxi variant with dashboard counter, new upholstered and rear seat (1949-1958)
  • M-20-31 "Pobeda" ‒  the open body variant, cabrio (1948-1952)
  • M-20V "Pobeda" ‒  the third generation variant with a new grille and radio (1955-1958)
  • M-20G "Pobeda" ‒  the speed version for KGB with 90-power engine ZIM (1956-1957)
  • M-20YOU (Ю) "Pobeda" ‒ version for countries with a tropical climate with an enlarged radiator and modified door panels (1956-1958)
  • М-72 и 72YOU ‒ the 4x4 car with body from "Pobeda" and transmission from GAZ-69 (1955-1957)
  • Pickup ‒ an intra-factory pickup truck based on "Pobeda"; it was manufactured on GAZ for its own needs and for sale to other factories. Presumably, at least a hundred of these pickups were made (1948-1950)
  • M-20B-30B - the medicine car in the standart sedan body, intended for medical institutions, 152 units (1952)
  • Collector car ‒ special order for of USSR. The car with remade saloon, 5 units (1952)


  • GAZ-20 ‒ serios 4-cyl. engine 52 p.h. 
  • GAZ-12 ‒ more power engine from ZIM model, get installed on GAZ-20G model