FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What format can I order copies of drawings?

All paper drawings we converting in digital form: in file bitmap graphics format .tiff, at least .png or .jpeg. The .tiff format is ideal for storing drawings, it perfectly compresses two-color graphics, which is impossible in other formats. When converting from .jpeg to .tiff, the file size decreases 5-10 times.

What size are the drawings?

We scan and store drawings at the original scale from 100% to 200%. The originals have sizes from A6 to 3A0 (more than 3 meters), respectively, the width of digital drawings varies from 1500px to 45000 px.

I don`t know/can't find the part number from the catalog. 

You can make a request to us with the name of the part and to which part of the car it belongs. The catalogs of spare parts are widely indicated only a range of chassis parts, body parts went the item in a big reduction.

I can't open the files.

Drawings in tiff format can be opened only on a computer, any standard viewer program. Drawings may not open if they are large (greater than 20,000 px wide). This means that your graphics card can`t cope with the size of such graphics, even if there is a small weight of the file (for example, 3 MB). Some drawings of large size and poor quality weigh a lot - up to 100 MB. In order to open them requires a fairly powerful computer.

Is it possible to make an exact part according to your drawings?

Possible. Drawings are copies of factory drawings, as design documentation. Information on them is enough for factory production of a detail. You can. Drawings are copies of factory drawings in the project documentation. Enough information for standard parts of the design.