M-20 Pobeda cabrio

М-20 "Победа" кабриолет

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The Automobile archive fund has almost a complete set of drawings of GAZ M-20 Pobeda cabriolet modifications.

победа кабриолет чертеж

The open-body car "Cabriolet" on the chassis of the M-20 Pobeda was produced in 1949-1954 on the chassis of the Pobeda of the second series of the M-20B. The open version was released in the amount of 14222 pcs. and it was discontinued due to lack of demand. The convertible was fundamentally different from the sedan not only with a removable soft roof, but also with a reinforced floor, upholstery of the interior and seats made of autobim (leatherette), a windshield. There were additional amplifiers around the perimeter of the body. The open version according to the factory nomenclature was called GAZ-20B-31, where GAZ-31 was the designation of the body, according to the commodity nomenclature the car was simply called M-20 Pobeda convertible. As the M-20B itself, the convertible was never designated.