Catalogue of technical drawings GAZ-410

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The archive has a complete set of drawings for the GAZ-410 dump truck of the 1939-1941 and 1945-1950 models.



  • GAZ-S1 - Dump truck on GAZ-AA chassis, 3216 pcs. (1935-1940)
  • GAZ-MM-410 - Dump truck on GAZ-MM chassis, 13149 pcs. (1941-1950)

Model 410 or C1 is the first Soviet serial dump truck of a small class. The short chassis (3400 mm) of the GAZ-AA  served as the base. The dump truck had the simplest - a manual tipping system, when the body capsized under its own weight when the latch was removed. This model was produced for a longest 15 years, first under the C1 brand (because the bodies for GAZ were made by the Sverdlov plant) - on the GAZ-AA chassis until 1940, then completely on GAZ under the GAZ-MM-410 brand, respectively, on the updated MM chassis. From 1947 to 1950, the dump was assembled at the Gorky Bus Plant. Structurally, in different years, the dump received the same changes as the base one and a half ton truck. The design of the platform has not changed over the years.