GAZ-13 "Chaika" (Gull)

GAZ-13 Chaika

The A.A.F. have complete set engineering drawings to "Chaika"`s sedan and phaeton. We look for the drawings of inside partition for GAZ-13A with body "limousine"

GAZ-13 drawings

GAZ-13 phaeton


  • GAZ-13 "Chaika"  ‒ standart car with sedan body (1958-1981)
  • GAZ-13A "Chaika" ‒ the variant with limousine body, there are inside partition between driver`s and passengr`s sections. 
  • GAZ-13B "Chaika" ‒ parade and walking version with an open top (phaeton)
  • GAZ-13YOU  "Chaika" ‒ exportation version to the countries with the tropic climate