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 Catalogue of technical drawings of ZIS 5

The archive has a complete set of drawings for the ZIS-5 on-board car of the 1939-1941 model, for ZIS-5B cars mod. 1942 and 1943, as well as additions for later design changes, including the ZIS-50 model. There are drawings of military versions of the ZIS-5 with universal bodies (ZIS-5 A). There are also drawings for the gas-cylinder modification of the ZIS-5, as well as for gas-generator versions of the ZIS-21, ZIS-41, army all-terrain vehicles ZIS-22 and ZIS-42, all-wheel drive vehicle ZIS-32. Only drawings of the PP-6 semi-trailer are available for the tractor truck. There are no drawings for long-wheelbase variants (ZIS-11, ZIS-12, ZIS-14) in the archive. The ZIS-6 car has 50% of the drawings.